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Storytelling with data: analyzing time spent on my senior project

Visually telling the story of how I have spent my time on various aspects of my senior project. We look at personal data exported from Clockify, such as the date, start time, end time, and descriptions of all my recorded work sessions.

Five tips for working with computationally expensive operations in R

No one likes sitting around waiting for code to finish running, and we may not have access to cloud computing options all the time. Even though we love R, we have to admit that it can be slow at times. Here are five different things that make dealing with computationally expensive operations in R more manageable (and maybe even more fun).

Level up your ggplot2 graphics with ggtext

ggplot2 is arguably one of the most powerful plotting tools of any programming language. Built upon a solid grammar of graphics, ggplot2 allows you to quickly create highly customizable data visualizations. The ggtext package extends the bounds for customization even further.

String interpolation in Python and R (the best ways)

What are the different ways of executing code within a string of text in Python and R? This post looks into the good and arguably best forms of string interpolation in two of the most popular programming languages for data science.

Solving the FizzBuzz problem in R and Python

Small practice problems can be fun and challenging ways to test your programming skills! Solutions in R and Python to the FizzBuzz problem are provided at the end.

The greatest Avatar visualizations you have ever seen

Showcasing the best Avatar: The Last Airbender visualizations from the Tidy Tuesday weekly challenge. All graphics are from the amazing R community!

Covid... and why 3D plots are bad

Comparing the death-to-case ratio between the US and Sweden, and a brief commentary on 3D plots.

Bears. Beats. Analyzing The Office

A brief, informal analysis of the hilarious sitcom, The Office.

PDF scraping can be easy, but data wrangling is often not!

An inside look at some R code in the wild. This post is a clarification of a previous post: PDF scraping with R is easy! I changed easy to possible. While scraping data from PDFs can often be accomplished with just a few tools, wrangling the scraped data can often take time.

PDF scraping with R is possible!

You can definitely scrape data from PDFs; it really is not that difficult. The data wrangling is usually the hard part.

Databending - web scraping Avatar: The Last Airbender

You get better at webscraping with R by webscraping with R. This is my attempt to webscrape a bunch of data on the epic show, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Exploring Avatar: The Last Airbender transcript data

Here is my initial EDA of the Avatar: The Last Airbender data that I scraped from the Avatar Wiki, now available in the "appa" R package.

Become more efficient through automation and better organization

Write functions, iterate with purrr, and stay organized to save time and work more efficiently!

Useful R Packages for Exploratory Data Analysis

Here are some helpful packages and functions to make EDA in R a bit easier.

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A place to learn data programming stuff.